Insightful Facts About The American Institute Of Architects

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was formed in 1857 by a group of 13 architects. Its headquarters are in Washington D.C. The organization offers government advocacy, education, support to the architectures through public outreach and community development.

It also works with members in the construction and design industry to coordinate the building industry. It’s headed by Robert Ivy who is the chief executive officer.

Robert Ivy has a strong architectural background. To begin with, he served as the chief editor of the Architectural record in 1996. He made it to grow into the world’s most read architectural journal. He also became the president of the McGraw-Hill Construction media which includes SNAP, Architectural Record: China, ENR, Sweets, and the Constructor. From 1981-1996, Robert Ivy was the principal at the Dean/Dale.


The organization has over 90,000 licensed architects together with other associated professionals. The AIA has five membership levels which consist of:

Architect member: They are licensed by the licensing authority to practice architecture.

Associate members: These aren’t licensed to practice architecture, but they work under the supervision of an architect in a technical capacity or professional position.

International Associate members: They hold an architectural license or an equivalent from licensing authorities outside the US.

Emeritus members: Consists of individuals who have been AIA members for at least 15 years, they’re at least 65 years of age, or they’re incapacitated hence unable to work in the profession of architecture.

Allied members: It consists of members whose occupations relate to the design and building community such as landscape architects, engineers and the executive staff from the Building and design-related companies. This membership is a partnership between the American Architectural Foundation together with the AIA.



The AIA’s management consists of a board of directors together with over 200 full-time employees. As a national organization, it has 300 state and local components that provide members with focus reflecting their professional lives.

Public Education

The organization creates awareness about the importance of good design and the value of architecture. When marking the 150th anniversary of the AIA, the firm conducted a poll where the Americans were to name give their favorite 150 architectural designs. The AIA also encourages the community and mayors to embrace environmentally friendly building designs.

Honors and Awards

The AIA for long has recognized the outstanding achievements of individuals and also organizations in support of the AIA and the architecture profession. The foundation’s awards include; Architecture Firm Award, AIA Gold Medal, Institute Honor Awards for Architecture, Institute Honor Awards for Regional and Urban design and Institute Honor Awards for Interior Architecture.

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Todd Lubar Is Helping Home Owners To Realize Their Dreams

For more than two decades, Todd Lubar has worked in the real estate industry where he has majored in credit and finance. In his career, Todd saw the struggles of borrowers who do not qualify for loans from traditional lenders. Todd Lubar’s desire to help these individuals, combined with his deep entrepreneurial skills, saw him establish TDL Global Ventures and Legendary Investments. Through these establishments, he serves this specific market to help them achieve their dreams of becoming home owners. Over the years, Todd Lubar has been ranked among the Top 25 mortgage originators in the country. This ranking reflects his professionalism in the industry. Speaking to Ideamensch (, Todd said that he has achieved much success in the industry by virtue of being involved in every aspect of his business.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures and Senior Vice President of the renowned Legendary Investments. Since 1995 when he was recruited as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Todd Lubar has exhibited excellence, determination and a deep desire to help people. According to, at the company, Todd created significant relationships with CPAs, real estate agents, insurance agents and financial planners who are part of his businesses. Later, he worked for Legacy Financial Group. In 2002, he enhanced his involvement in the real estate industry by establishing his first residential developer, Legendary Properties, LLC. This establishment gave him a platform to build relationships with major banking agencies where he established lines of credit of up to $20 million.

Later, Todd Lubar incorporated Charter Funding, a mortgage banking company affiliated to First Magnus Financial Corporation. With the success of his ventures, Todd deemed it fit to establish Legendary Financial LLC, a subsidiary of Legendary Properties. The corporation offers liquidity to both individuals and companies. The company serves clients who do not qualify for loans from traditional lenders. He used his own funds and Legendary Properties’ liquidity to finance his borrowers. When the Great Recession hit the real estate industry, Todd Lubar invested in commercial demolition business where he worked with major contractors in the country. In addition, he engaged in the automotive scrap metal recycling industry. Visit the website

Roberto Santiago: The Shopping Experience

Shopping centers continue to grow in popularity throughout Brazil. In fact, in 2015 the shopping center industry grew by a whopping 6.5%. While there seems to be a pressing financial crisis, this industry continues to flourish under the pressure. During times of stress, individuals are still in need of some sort of release in the form of fun or shopping. Entrepreneur Roberto Santiago has worked tirelessly to try and answer that call. He has taken advantage of his personal knowledge of the industry to bring the very best shopping and entertainment experiences to the country of Brazil.


Santiago received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. From there, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. In 1987, he scouted and purchased the land that would eventually become his famed shopping center, Manaira. This shopping center was to be his most ambitious project yet. He wanted the structure to scream luxury and quality when a customer came to the door. It took two years for the mall to fully develop, but even to this day, Santiago is constantly re-evaluating the structure to ensure that it is continuing to meet his customer’s needs.


Manaira remains a substantial contributor to Santiago’s overall success to this day. In addition to the diverse shopping opportunities available with over 300 different stores, Manaira also houses a cinema, stadium system, concert hall, university, gaming station, and various other facilities. The concert hall is a thing to behold. Domus Hall is located directly on the roof of Manaira and can safely hold anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 people. The facilities are modern and spread over two floors to promote ease and prevent congestion. The second floor of this wonderful facility is a treat because it offers private cabins, dressing rooms, and promotional lounge music. Domus Hall is a wonder because it can be adapted to accommodate most events. It continues to be a staple in the Joao Pessoa community.


Another marvel of Manaira is its cinema and gaming stations. With 11 movie theaters, Manaira is not short on entertainment opportunities. Guests even can partake in various 3D experiences with seats that adjust to the entertainment, making the experience feel very real. The gaming stations are also impressive with over 200 different machines. They are specifically designed to cater to a variety of tastes and age ranges, meaning that guests of all sensibilities will find fun there.


Manaira is certainly a substantial achievement. It represents the love and dedication of one savvy businessman. Santiago continues to expand his business empire and support the growth of such centers like this. It is clear from the facility that Santiago wanted to create a place that was more than just somewhere to shop, he wanted to create an experience.


Whitney Wolfe Changes the Course of Social Networking

In the dating app world more people are seeing innovative steps to creating better dating apps. One might say that Whitney Wolfe is the one to blame for this higher level of creativity. She created Bumble, and her passion for the dating app world has not stopped. She continues to bring the dating app that people have praised for originality and a new level of innovation.

People that are on the outside of the loop may wonder exactly what type of innovation a young millennial could possibly bring to a dating app. Whitney has answered the call to creating a feminist app, and with this women are the ones that initially strike up the conversation once a match is made.

This seems like a small thing, but Whitney Wolfe knew just how big this would be. She has shown herself to be one of the most creative when it comes to dating apps that are different from what everyone else is doing it appears that Whitney Wolfe has the market on lock. She has really been able to evolve as one of the most creative forces in the dating app well so far. Click here to know more about her.

No one may have seen it coming when it came to creating a dating app where women would be in a position where they would lead conversations. Whitney Wolfe feels that it is about time for an app like this to surface. She knew that so many women were tired of waiting for the man to contact them after the match has been made. She realized that this was something that was going to be a problem for a millennial women that were interested in building a better connection by making the first move themselves.

Whitney Wolfe is certainly someone that is changing the dating app culture, and she plans to change all aspects of social media altogether. It appears that she is going to be able to compete with more than just eHarmony and other dating apps like Match.

Whitney Wolfe actually has plans to compete with Facebook and Linkedin. She is certain that her platform will be easier to bring to a lot of people that are looking for ways to build network contacts. Whitney Wolfe knows that she can attract more users with Bumble BFF and Bumble Biz. These are other components of Bumble that allow people to build something other than romantic relationships.

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Paul Mampilly; an Outstanding Entrepreneur

There are different people with diverse personalities across the globe. What is evident is that there are individuals who contribute a lot to the society, be it they are entrepreneurs, health caregivers or just investors. Such important man is Paul Mampilly. He is an individual with a strong background in finance with about 25 years of experience in investment. He is a man with impressive works, that is, he is the head editor of Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum at Banyan Hill publishing firm. Also, the winner of Templeton Foundation Investment completion that was held 2008-2009.

His articles are informative as they cut across on different topics with different messages. For instance, he writes that is believed to be better than Botox. He says that when people grow older, some changes happen automatically. In women, one of them is crow’s feet. This is whereby due to the inability of the face being unable to produce sufficient Collagen and elastin, the skin elasticity is compromised. This mainly occurs in women of the age of 40 and above or even the ones in the mid-20s depending on how one takes care of their skin. When such happens, it means that a lot is compromised like yawning, frown or even smile or laugh.


Any women would be glad to do away with crow’s feet so, in the meantime, creams are used, but they are expensive. This means that a drug that can save the day when it comes to this issue is highly welcomed. He talks of the new drug to be able to curb the problem more than Botox can although it has been FDA approved Paul Mampilly believes in the new anti-crow’s feet, and one finds that when you read such articles, they are very informative. Therefore, who is Paul Mampilly?


He is the creator of Profits Unlimited, which is a newsletter aimed at guiding investors on how to purchase stocks. He is an American investor who as initially the manager of a hedge fund. Initially, he worked on Wall Street and later left because he felt like hi services were needed somewhere else. Currently, he advises people on stocks, works with huge companies, and millennials with startup businesses and believes on the internet of things as the next big thing in the society. Asides from the numerous awards he has received, he is a generous man as he is involved in various charitable programs. It is evident that his education Fordham University, New York has come in handy, and more information click here.

Sahm Adrangi Sets a New Record of Raising $100 Million for Single Stock Bet

The capital management firms raise money to bet on various portfolios depending on the market conditions. But, raising over $100 Million for a single stock bet is quite unusual. This is what happened in the case of Kerrisdale Capital Management as it raised the whopping amount in the mid of 2016. The capital management firm founded by a well-known stock trader and financial analyst, Sahm Adrangi, is known for such strategical approaches which others fail to decipher the outcome completely.

Industry experts confirm that while large hedge fund management firms do such fundraising, a small company that predominantly invests in shares was not expected to come up with such a demand for short the stock. Adrangi confirmed that the company had raised the amount in a very short timeframe. He also added that Kerrisdale staked a company with net worth of $10 billion and asked everyone to respect insights the investment firm has with the deal.

It is also revealed that the target company details were expected to be revealed at a later point in time. Adrangi confirmed that the investment firm started acquiring the shares to establish the position in the target company. Currently, Kerrisdale manages nearly $500 million under the leadership of Adrangi. The firm is known for many short positions, and some of those deals are Zafgen – a drug maker, Globalstar a satellite company, and Sage Therapeutics – a pharmaceutical firm. The firm’s major hedge fund that usually bets on company stocks significantly produced around 28% returns per year on an average during the last five years.

Adrangi has worked with multiple financial and capital market firms and started his career an Analyst with Deutsche Bank in the year 2004. During the period, he worked with the leveraged finance group of the Bank. Later, Sahm collaborated with Chanin Capital Partners, a small-time investment bank based in New York, and worked with its bankruptcy restructuring group.

In 20017, Sahm worked with Longacre Fund Management and handled distressed debt fund worth $2 billion. He founded Kerrisdale in the year 2009 and leads the firm as its Chief Investment Officer. Adrangi earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University.

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How Dick DeVos Feels About School Choice

One of the things that the DeVos family has been big on for many years is giving back to others through financially supporting causes they believe in. This is no different for Dick DeVos. Over the years he has donated quite a bit of money to many charities through the organization he started with his wife Betsy, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Originally the organization didn’t have “Family” as part of it but they decided to add that in order to better reflect that what was donated was often influenced by what their children wanted to see money directed at.

Dick DeVos is someone that looks for new solutions to what he identifies as social problems. This is a carryover of his approach to business as well as the times he as run for political office. This holds true for his approach to education. He has donated a lot of money over the years to organizations that are seeking new approaches to education.

One of the major problems with public education is that much of the funding comes from the surrounding community. This results in rich areas have great, well-funded schools while areas that are low income have very poor quality schools with very little money to spend. The resulting imbalance is inherently unfair as children in poor areas receive a subpar education and can’t escape the cycle of poverty.

To address the fact that the zip code you live in has way too much of an effect on your future earnings potential, Dick DeVos supports the implementation of charter schools in school districts across the country. These privately operated schools run much better than public schools, he says, and provide a much better education to their students.

Many states now allow charter schools such as Louisiana, Arizona, Florida, Virginia, and New Hampshire. Dick DeVos donates money to organizations that are fueling this growth in charter schools. Some of the nonprofits he supports are the American Education Reform Council and Children First America. He also was a founder of All Children Manner which was a 527 political organization that his wife Betsy was the chair for.

Dick DeVos was a top executive at Amway for several years. He and Betsy founded The Windquest Group in 1989 for which he is the President. The goal at his company is to invest in people and companies that are seeking to make the world we live in a better place.


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Freedom Debt Relief on Protecting Personal Information

With more than 1,600 employees Freedom Debt Relief is a San Mateo, California based organization. The organization established in 2002 by Andrew Houser and Bradford Stoh graduates from Stanford Business School. The group works on behalf of their clients facing a financial crisis in negotiating debt correction to prevent insolvency of the companies. The company extends their services to those who cannot pay credit card minimum payments and also offer education in credit management. The firm maintains its company policy of saving enough to lend a hand to a client having a debt crisis and learn more about Freedom Debt Relief.


Many people in America are the target of fraud and theft due to a security breach of account. Most recently Equifax an American credit bureau was breached by hackers who managed to acquire personal information of many people across the country. These types of theft of data are becoming familiar with the evolving technology. The organization has come in to educate people on steps to safeguard you in case affected.


It’s essential for one to register credit monitoring and protecting once account. This service enables one to receive accounts reports and the ability to freeze them on request; freezing prevents other people from viewing your credit. Through freezing, it prevents creditors from looking into your account, therefore if a hacker tries to acquire money through your personal information, they’ll be unable to see your details, and thus they can’t issue any credit. The process of unfreezing is also simple and in many cases its phone calls away and their Website.


It is vital to request for your credit report regularly, once acquired go through it thoroughly to make certain there is no detail missing or added information that you haven’t agreed. Upon checking and you find anything fishy it’s recommendable that one arrests the issue with immediate effect. The tiny details in your account are significant because the fraudsters use the information to bait unknowing individuals and Freedom Debt Relief’s lacrosse camp.


In the case of any grievances it is essential to report the issue, have your credit card changed and if possible change all your passwords and

Walmart Offers Large Variety of Beneful Products

Purina Beneful is a highly reputable brand of dog food that offers dry, wet and dog treats to all of our friendly furry family members. You can find Beneful and it’s large variety of products at Walmart at an affordable price. Depending on what you’re looking for and the necessary needs of your dog, you can expect to spend anywhere from $2.00 – $34.00. Purina works closely with local farmers and producers to make sure the best ingredients are baked into each delicious morsel. They use real ingredients and take special effort to produce food that is tailored to your animal. They realize that not all animals are the same and some have special needs. If your dog needs a special diet and needs to lose a few pounds or is suffering from allergies, you can select the perfect blend of dog food that is perfect for your dog and its overall health.

The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was established in 1929 by Sunset Magazine’s creative director Richard S. Stephens to teach artists with real talent how to become a professional artist as he believed this skill could be taught. Students could be accepted into a real art college disregarding the need for an art portfolio but being taught by other professional artists. Graduates get hired by Apple, EA, Nike, Pixar, Zynga and more. The Academy of Art College strives to keep abreast of innovation band technology trends. The Academy has grown to a population of 18,000 students.

The Academy of Art College offers the following, Acting, Advertising, Animation and Visual Effects, Architecture, Art Education, Art History, Communications and Media Technologies, Fashion, Fine Art, Game Development, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture and Design, Jewelry and Metal Arts, Landscape Architecture, Motion Pictures and Television, Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media. Also offered is Photography, Visual Development, Web Design and New Media, Writing for Film, Television and Digital Media. The Academy of Art also has an undergraduate online program. Here is a list of degrees that can be completed online. The only program has existed since 2002.

This unconventional educational institution offers associate’s degrees, bachelor’s/bachelor’s of fine arts, and masters of fine arts. In New York, the Academy of Art College offers fashion week to teach students about how the fashion industry works. Only 35% of students are online only. In 2016 only 7% of students completed a four year degree with the allotted time. Senior year students are also provided with housing. The Academy of Art is the largest, accredited school of art with faculty artists teaching students how to become professional artists especially with online classes making it easy to maintain a schedule.