Masks Aren’t Just for Your Face

We all know how good our skin looks and feels after rinsing away a nice facial mask. Whether it’s done at home or in a spa, there aren’t many more beauty treatments that feel more luxurious than this. Did you know that your hair could also benefit from a mask treatment as well? From flat ironing and blow drying to constant styling, your hair endures a lot of manipulation that can wear on your tresses over time. This is where the power of hair masks can make a world of difference in your hair’s health.

Just a few of the benefits that can result from the use of regular hair masks are as follows: helps fight off dryness and dandruff, moisturizes the scalp and strands, prevents hair color from fading, and more. Depending on factors such as the length and volume of your hair, how often you use heat, and your regular schedule, you can fit in a hair mask treatment as frequently as once a week or once a month in order to enjoy all of the benefits that hair masks have to offer.

Holistic hair care provider WEN by Chaz Dean ( offers an amazing line of hydrating hair masks that your hair will love. One of those products is the WEN Cucumber Aloe ReMoist Hydrating Mask. It incorporates ingredients that are widely known for their moisturizing properties such as shea butter, chamomile extract, and kukui nut oil.

WEN features special lines of products to support your hair’s health in a more natural way. They offer more varieties of ReMoist Hydrating Masks as well as other products that nourish and enhance your hair’s true beauty. Taking the time to give your hair the TLC that it needs, by choosing the right products and routines, will help you to have the fabulous hair you’ve always dreamed about having.

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The Success of Helane Morrison

Following the 2008 ‘Great Recession‘, trust within the financial markets began to decline rapidly as there was a lack of motive to not only only sure loans were quality, but to also make sure that loans were paid off in a timely matter. The events from 2008 and onward have lead to precautions taken in order to ensure that not only the financial market is safe, but also to ensure that the consumers are safe with their many investments. The goal has been to earn back the trust of the consumer and to continue to recover the economy even at this slow rate.


A new field of work has continued to develop over the years following the financial crisis. This new field of work is within the reputation management industry as well as within the compliance industry. A new discipline has grown in order to help gain the trust of the consumers. As a compliance officer, one is responsible for making sure that the company is abiding by the rules and that they provide goods and services that are legitimate. Of the many compliance officers that are finding jobs, one compliance officer stands out in particular for her services to the consumer. This individual is Helane Morrison.


Helane Morrison has extensive experience with companies such as the SEC where she has learned much about not only the financial industry, but also the many methods of restrictions that the SEC has implemented over the years. Helane Morrison became a compliance officer to protect the consumer specifically as a result of the crisis. A lack of involvement with the investors leads to a lack of investment which leads to slow economic growth. Helane Morrison not only has a desire to protect the consumer, but also has a desire to grow the economy at a stable rate.


Helane Morrison chose to work for Hall Capital Partners not only for their stellar reputation, but also do to the fact that Helane Morrison has respected their emphasis on diversity as well as helping others find the best investments. The job of Helane Morrison is to spot any irregularity within the company and to not only fix the problem, but to also fix the company in order to make sure that it never happens again. Helane Morrison has called herself a servant to the public many times and hopes to bring them the best investment opportunities possible.


How Does OSI Group Help Customers Find Better Foods?

OSI Group has been named one of the finest firms in its industry, and they are given high praise for the flavor of their food, the construction of their company and their willingness to add fine firms to their network. This article explains how OSI Group has offered by the finest foods to the mass market, how they are adding to their company and how they plan to offer the finest service. The company is growing in leaps and bounds as they ensure they are reaching as many customers as possible.

#1: The Company Is Acquiring New Firms

OSI Group has purchased Baho Foods, and they recently purchased an old Tyson Foods plant that may be converted to their new operational scheme. The finest foods in the world are created by companies with infinite resources, and the OSI Group brass believe they have a better chance of making fines foods when they are in the finest facilities.

#2: Creating Better Facilities

There are quite a few facilities that have been converted to operate under OSI Group, and they build facilities that are environmentally green and help to reduce waste. They attempt to capture as much energy and water they can, and they recycle their waste as they make new food products. The plants are incredible places that ensure everyone is working happily, and the buildings do not place a drain on the local power supply.

#3: Forbes Loves OSI Group

Forbes has honored OSI Group several times over for the work they have done in their industry, and they wish to laud the company for the incredible amount of work that has been put in. They are showing that OSI Group has the most employees, the finest systems and creates the best foods. They operate as though they are a small company, they respect their employees and they ensure everyone who orders from them receives the finest care.

OSI Group has become a beacon for progress in the food service industry. They have advanced facilities that ensure every food product is made properly, and they have created a large network of companies that now includes Baho Foods and a new Tyson plant. They wish to be inclusive in all that they do, and they will help their customers order foods that are worth their time and money. Ordering from OSI Group is quite simple, and they offer the best foods tto everyone in need.

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Oncotarget’s Struggle for A Cancer-Free World Bearing Fruits

Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed medical journal founded in 2010. Oncotarget is published on a weekly basis by Impact Journals and covers oncology research. Most importantly, Oncotarget focuses on research involving treatments and protocols deployed to enhance the well-being of cancer patients, potential therapy targets, as well as the clinical basis of all strains of cancer. Oncotarget adheres to the principles of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) and is a member of the body. The impact publication project seeks to define the healthcare professionals and patient acceptance of new as well as existing drugs, treatment methods, and available forms of therapy. Oncotarget tries to improve the lives of cancer patients and to improve the outcomes of these procedures by discovering new information.

Oncotarget places emphasis on patient perspectives vis-à-vis satisfaction, adherence, and their quality of life. They employ certain treatment protocols, existing therapeutic agents, as well as the impact of management programs on the lives of patients. The journal’s recent success on the oncology front has led to the exploration of other medical fields. Oncotarget is dedicated to the attainment of a world without disease under the leadership of a group of elite researchers and scientists from the world over. The journal advocates for the use of basic clinical science to eradicate disease and break boundaries within medical specialties towards quicker discoveries and make scientific research widely and rapidly available.

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On E-cigarettes and Alleged Damage to Gum Tissue

A recent survey on the effects of e-cigarettes financed by National Institutes of Health was published on Oncotarget. The research, which was conducted under the leadership of UR’s Department of Environmental Medicine professor Irfan Rahman (Ph.D.), was the first ever on the subject on molecular and cellular levels. E-cigarettes are known to be the safer option, popular among people struggling to quit smoking and the younger generation. However, this particular study shows that e-cigarettes can cause multiple oral infections and cell damage.

The problem with e-cigarettes according to the study is the flavoring which damages the gums. The lead scientists urged manufacturers to disclose all the compounds used to manufacture the flavors so that more research can be carried out on the effects of e-cigarettes. Apart from this specific study, a growing body of scientific data suggests that the chemicals found in e-cigarettes have the potential effects of adverse health conditions associated with convention smokes. Professor Rahman also published another study with similar findings on pollution and health effects of e-cigarettes in late 2015.

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Why Kenneth Goodgame Will Lead True Value Company to Success

In the field of Operation Management, Kenneth Goodman is highly specialized and fruitful. The companies he has worked for have appreciated his hard work and genius leadership because all experienced massive success under his leadership. Whether a company is failing or it is already a million or billion Dollar Company; he will lead it to its success.

He gained his wealth of experience by being in the field of management for over thirty years where he carved a niche for himself. It is then expected for him to be able to see many things in different angles where other may see it in the wrong way.

According to HBSDealer, since Kenneth Goodgame was appointed SVP and CMO in the year 2013, he has moved fast accomplishing many things that have boosted the firm.

For example, he made changes in the department of purchasing at True Value replacing almost half of the team, which is a move that transformed it significantly. Since Kenneth was appointed to head the department, the team has increased savings from two percent to ten percent annually. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

He came up with a strategic plan to ensure the growth of sales, and he has so far seen $2 billion in the global purchase of the company. While many people do not appreciate that change is inevitable, Kenneth Goodgame does not fear it.

Instead, he embraces changes that have been useful in helping to build the merchandising team at True Value. At this company, he heads the global sourcing, pricing, labeling and marketing teams.

Employee participation is the method that Mr. Goodgame employs, and it works to success. Kenneth Goodgame believes that for a company to succeed, everyone should know that they all have a common goal of achieving success.

Kenneth makes sure that every employee is held responsible for his/her actions and makes compensation to be done according to performance. Also, quality is crucial in purchasing and processing of materials. Mr. Kenneth Goodgame has achieved success in his field, but he has been firm facing all the challenges face and always moving forward.

Bruce Levenson Success

Working the NBA is hard work. The pressure from fans is high, and you have to succeed in winning on the court and in bringing in sales. When Bruce Levenson took over for the Atlanta Hawks, the team was in a bad spot. Not only were they looking at moving the team to a different place, but they were also thinking that fan support was so low to just quit the franchise from existing. However, Bruce Levenson had a plan and was able to make it work. ESPN experts says he is a great example that hard work and a plan can help you go really far in life. He never quit on his team or his city.

Charity Work

During his time with the Hawks, Bruce Levenson also did a lot of charity work. He has always been interested in helping people get to the next level in life, especially if they grew up without a lot of resources on their side. If you want to invest in your future, education is the best way to do that. However, few people understand how big of a deal it is to get someone from the inner cities to school. Bruce Levenson did this on a regular basis, and he was able to work up his reputation within the area.


Right now, Bruce Levenson finds himself involved in a lawsuit that he is not happy about. There are a lot of people who are worried about him, especially when it comes to his finances. He is now having to pay a lot of money in attorney fees, and few people understand why. He has had a good run with the Hawks, but the time is now to let him get to the next level. Bruce Levenson will continue to drive for growth within the city. For more details, visit

Doe Deere Utilizes Instagram for Lime Crime Business Ventures

Instagram has become quite popular these days and for just cause. They have allowed for people to take photo’s of themselves, others and even products. This makes it easy for companies to become branded amongst people of all ages. One of the companies that is actually helping to reach more people with their products is Doe Deere and her cosmetic company, Lime Crime. With the help of her company, individuals who are ordering from her and even her followers, her company has become one of the best in the business.


Doe started many years ago working on showing her individuality and allowing others to be more like her. Because she spent so much time displaying her own thoughts, trends and more, she has become someone to follow if you like not following in a boring person’s path. If you like to stand out, be one of a kind or simply am bored with all the traditional colors by other makeup companies, the brand Lime Crime might be worth something for you to check into.


Doe Deere was born in Russia but came to the United States when she was only 17 years old. For the main portion of her younger years, she lived in New York City. She was a member of a band and married a man from that same band. Then she traded in her apartment for another bigger city, Los Angeles. She moved to California to focus on her cosmetic line and to really make something of herself. She strived to keep her business cruelty to animals free and also made the makeup so it is vegan. There are not many companies out there who are able to focus on both of those elements. She then started releasing her makeup and soon after, it all just blew up.


If the business is branded right and people know about your business, you are able to reach a large target audience through the internet. This is what Instagram has allowed more people to do. Through the help of the internet and Instagram, more people know about new and upcoming color choices, lipsticks and new releases let out by Lime Crime. You can check out their Facebook page to see other things that they have going on and to see if there is any news you have not heard of.


In recent months, a new celebrity has reached out to Doe Deere to display her face covered in Lime Crime makeup. Paris Hilton, known to most as a party hard kind of girl, is still quite popular and even though she may not be the best person for all little girls to look up to, she has stood her ground by showcasing that she is not going to do what others do and she will remain true to herself. Her motto is like it or leave it. This same motto is similar to what Lime Crime is showing people. The makeup line wants to allow people to be themselves no matter what they wear or look like. If more people held true to themselves, the world would be a far better place to live in.

Collecting Coins Through U.S. Money Reserve

Coin Collecting is a great hobby. There are many benefits to collecting coins. One benefit is the ability to create a collection that potentially provide financial security in years to come. It is also a great way to educate yourself, or your family, about the history of the world.


There are many resources available for individuals who wish to begin, or continue, their coin collection. One great resource available is the U.S. Money Reserve. The U.S. Money Reserve offers customers a variety of tools to use. They also offer hundreds of different coins for sale.


 The U.S. Money Reserve offers several articles, and other resources, that educate individuals on the hobby of coin collecting. It also provides a very detailed list of extraordinary reasons why it is a good thing to collect coins. The U.S. Money Reserve also offers educational information on each and every coin that is listed for sale with the company.


Another reason to purchase coins through this company is the guarantee they offer on all their coins. The guarantee is that each coin will at least maintain the purchase value, if not increase in value. The company also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return it, no questions asked.


The company also offers customers the best service possible. All the employees are trained and experienced in their positions. This begins with the coin research personnel all the way to customer service and shipping. In fact, The U.S. Money Reserve is the only coin company in business that is headed up by a former United States Mint Director. Mr. Philip N. Diehl has been running the U.S. Money Reserve since leaving his position as the 35th U.S. Mint Director.


Collecting coins has many benefits. It provides families with a source of entertainment and education. It can also be used as a savings tool for future financial security. Coin collectors can collect coins from countries around the globe and throughout history. There are thousands of different coins that can be added to each collection. The U.S. Money Reserve is a great way to learn about various coins. It is a great source for purchasing coins too.

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Gooee Smart Lighting Improves Security in the Home

Smart lighting is something that has become important in a lot of home and business environments, and Gooee is the company that is introducing a lot of people to this. This is a great concept that allows people to take more control of the way that they want to distribute light through the home.

There are people that are going to want to turn on or turn off lights at a certain time. This is very important for people that may be away on trips. One of the best ways to scare off intruders is through giving the appearance that someone is home. With smart lights that can be controlled through apps this is going to be the best way to do this. Gooee has made it possible for many homeowners to get this type of lighting installed in their home. This is the company that has allowed people to control their lights throughout the house all from a smartphone or a tablet.

Gooee’s smart lighting ( is going to make a lot of people consider the benefits of smart lighting because it helps homeowners give the appearance that someone is always there. Lights are not the only things that can be turned on and off remotely. When homeowners research the ideal a little more they will find out that there is a way to also have televisions and alarms all controlled through smart lighting switches. This has greatly improved security measures in the home for so many people that travel frequently.

Professional Team of Experts at Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has been a wonderful company for a variety of different people for many years. This is an amazing internationally based Investment Banking firm that people have been utilizing for several years and have had nothing but success with on their own business needs. The internationally based Investment Banking firm is one that you can feel confident using each and every day because of the fact that they offer a wide range of different services that can make life easier for you as a business owner. Learn more:


A great thing to know about Madison Street Capital as opposed to any other type of investment banking firm on the market is that they offer a range of different services for business owners all over the world. This means that you can use their company even if you do not need to invest your money but would rather get other type of financial help that you need in order to grow your company over the course of time. This could include anything from tax help that you require when filing each and every year or you can even go to them if you are struggling with bankruptcy issues or would like to close your business and need help financially to do this.


The fact that you can work with a team of experts every step of the way and your own Financial life is something that can put your mind at ease greatly because of the fact that you no longer have to do this on your own. Many people are struggling to deal with their own financial problems as a business owner because it can often be very difficult to know that you are doing things correctly. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to know that you had a professional team at Madison Street Capital to back you up every step of the way and that Madison Street Capital reputation as one of the best that you could possibly find in the current market.


A good way to begin working with this amazing company is to contact them and to see what types of services you can utilize for your own needs. Once you begin to work with Madison Street Capital, you will find this company to be one of the best out there because of the fact that they take on every single financial problem that you are facing right now and will help to make it more beneficial in your own life. This is a team of experts you can truly trust and it is easy to contact them and begin working with them right away without it costing you a lot of money up front because of the fact that they want to see you succeed financially and know that this will be a burden for you.