The Community Banking is Catching Up in the State of Texas

The community banking sector has been growing rapidly across the United States as the micro-financing sector gains importance, not only in the country but across the globe. Every year, a discussion based conference is organized by the Texas Bankers Association. In 2016, the annual strategic conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was attended by the who’s who of the banking and finance industry, including John Holt, CEO and President of the leading bank in Texas, Nexbank.


The discussion topic for the conference in the year 2016 was the importance and reinvention of the community banking and how the corporations and banks can lead in their respective industry by using innovation as a tool. John Holt, CEO, and President of Nexbank, shared his views on the importance of community banking and how it can help empower the communities financially and generate large scale growth in the long-term. John Holt mesmerized the audience through his speech, and many of his ideas are already put to practice at Nexbank.


Nexbank is the thirteenth largest bank in Texas, and its size continues to grow at an exponential pace year after year. Presently, it has over $6 Billion in assets under management of its customers and investors. Nexbank operates through its three main departments, which can be enumerated as commercial banking, institutional services, and mortgage banking. Presently, Nexbank has four branches in Texas, and in the time to come, the bank plans to expand its operations across the state and in the country. Nexbank provides loans at generous rates of interest to the real estate investors, middle market companies, and institutional investors. Nexbank is one of the most trusted names in the banking sectors in Texas, and for years has helped many firms and organizations in the state to grow through the loans and other financial services the bank provides.


Clay Siegall’s Cancer Treatment Inventions

According to statistics carried out by the National Cancer Institute, about forty percent of women and men are prone to cancer. Dr. Clay Siegall offers guidance to Seattle Genetics in their cancer research program. As the CEO and co-founder of the Seattle Genetics Company, Clay leads it towards tough challenges in the medical field. Over the years, Clay Siegall has developed various therapeutic drugs for ailments that are characterized by high mortality rates.

Clay Siegall is an innovative leader in the field of oncology biotechnology. Dr. Clay’s company develops new effective cancer drugs. The cancer drugs use mechanisms that are based on antibodies. Seattle Genetics uses a unique technology in its establishment of antibody-drug conjugates (ADC). ADC is considered by the genetics company to be effective in cancer treatment because of its enhanced outcomes for the cancer patients. ADC is also an emerging curing paradigm with specific and possible conditions to the targeted patients.

Seattle Genetics partnered with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited to produce another drug known as ADCetris. At the moment, the drug has been proven effective. The drug is set to be commercially distributed in 66 countries around the world. According to Dr. Clay, the latest breast cancer treatment techniques have delivered high rates of success.

The cancer treatment program is not only an issue to Clay Siegall but also to other individuals and states. According to NBC news report on a study conducted in New England, Medicine Journals provide a new way for the treatment of prostate, breast and ovarian cancers. This new way is advantageous because it does not cause chemotherapy side effects. Other scientists posit that the combination of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitors and genetic defects can conquer various cancer types.

Dr. Clay Siegall went to George Washington University where he acquired a PhD in Genetics. Dr. Siegall also attained a B.S in Zoology from Maryland University. Dr. Siegall holds 15 patents. He is a renowned author of over 70 publications. His passion in medicine puts him in the highest rank of the biotechnology companies.


Kim Dao Reveals Osaka, Japan’s Best Sights And Things To Do

One of the things that Kim Dao recommends visitors to Osaka do is to try some takoyaki. This a stuffed octopus ball that you eat. Kim Dao says that Osaka is especially famous for its delicious takoyaki. Despite what you may think, takoyaki is soft and makes a great snack, especially in the winter. Learn more:


One of the major attractions in Osaka is the Dotonbori River. The river has a boardwalk around it that you can walk. There are also cruise ships that you can take to explore the river and area. Kim Dao says that the Dotonbori River is often packed with locals and visitors so be ready for some physical contact here.


Another attraction to visit and see is the store called Don Quijote. This is a mega market where you can buy authentic Japanese foods, souvenirs and all kinds of unique items such as makeup and tools. The Osaka store is especially busy and popular with tourists says Kim Dao. Learn more:


The Namba underground shopping mall is another top attraction in Osaka. This massive underground shopping mall has over 250 different stores. It is also connected to the subway which makes it easy to access. If you are a tourist, be careful not to go lost here adds Kim Dao. Learn more:


If you are in Osaka, Kim Dao suggests you head to Horai 551. This is a food shop that sells meat buns. According to Kim Dao, this shop sells the best meat buns in Osaka. She says that the meat buns are best eaten while they are fresh and hot. Learn more:


End Citizens United-The Political Action Committee That is Making Headlines

A revolutionary political action committee has declared its intentions to reform campaign finance. The committee plans to inject millions to candidates running on a Democratic ticket in the 2016 elections. The group was officially launched August 2015 and has ever since raised over 2 million dollars from small donors. The group intends to raise 25-30 million according to Richard Carbo, its communications director.


What is the Mission of End Citizens United?


End Citizens United main goal is to lobby for a constitutional amended that will change the Supreme Court’s decision: Citizens United. The court’s decision contributed to the rise of super PACs and encouraged dark money in politics.


While there are many PACs that deal with campaign finance reforms, End Citizens United, according to Carbo is much different since it addresses the political side of campaign finance reforms and also seeks to appoint people to change existing laws. This means End Citizens United stands behind candidates who believe in campaign finance reform and are determined to oppose Citizens United. Furthermore, the PAC also supports candidates who are being targeted by the Koch brothers and other dark money groups.


Why is End Citizens United Not Backing Republicans?


Although some Republicans are of the opinion that political spending has gotten out of control, most of them are opposed to overturning the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court. An amendment of the constitution requires support by two thirds of the House and Senate and must also be ratified by three quarters of the states.


The group has announced that it has a massive following from the grass roots and has received an average contribution of $14.86. The PAC has only five staff members who include Valerie Martin and Reed Adamson. The two senior advisers played a crucial role in the 2012 victory of Brad Schneider of Illinois.


This year, End Citizens United has managed to collect over $4 million and expects to raise $35 million before the 2018 Congress elections. This will be a big improvement from the $25 million it raised in the 2016 elections. Approximately 100,000 people have donated to the PAC this year. According to Tiffany Muller, the executive director and president of the PAC, 40,000 of these donors gave for their first time. Muller revealed that the average donation the PAC got this year was $12. The donors who give to the group believe that the political system is governed by those who are wealthy and is using End Citizens United to fight back.


End Citizens United functions as a conventional PAC and will not accept donations beyond $5,000 from any individual donor. Though it has a small donation cap, the PAC managed to emerge among the top Democratic-aligned groups whose spending was high in last year’s elections.

Bountiful Beneful Flavors at Wal-Mart

Beneful has become one of the most successful dog food companies in the United States. Much of this has to do with the fact that this is a brand that has a lot of different flavors. Pet owners like to experiment and give their dogs different varieties to see which one their dogs will like the best. In many cases people will find that Beneful is the brand that many dogs will favor because it has a lot of meals to have real meat.

Walmart is a store that carries a lot of Beneful Brands. One of the new and exciting brands from Beneful that has been carried by Walmart is the Beneful grain-free brand. This is a dog food that is about $17.98 for a 12.75 lb bag.

Beneful has certainly grown in popularity because of the Innovation in dog food such as this. There are also some Beneful Chopped Blend varieties that are sold at Walmart as well. People that are looking for a chance to give their dogs a variety of meals that have vegetable and fruit accents can acquire the 6 to 10 oz tubs of Beneful Chopped Blends 4 $10.58. For this price people can get 6, but they can get as many as 27 of the three Oz Beneful variety Blends for $14.98.

Beneful commercial is a very popular brand at Walmart so many customers will have a lot of choices to consider. The Beneful brand that people are talking a lot about is the Beneful Healthy Weight made with real chicken. Consumers are also able to buy Beneful Originals with salmon or Beneful Incredibites with real beef. There is no shortage of dog food meal choices for pet owners that are looking for dog food brands that have vegetables, fruit and real meat choices.

Jose Henrique Borghi: Reshaping the World’s Advertising Space

Jose Henrique Borghi is a world-renowned advertiser in the world and has contributed immensely to the Brazilian marketing landscape. He pursued his degree in marketing at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo (PCUSP) after which he joined Standard Ogilvy ad Academy in 1989 as an advertising agent. He has also worked with agencies such as Talent, FCB, DM9DDB, and Leo Burnett. While at Leo Burnett, he worked his way to the helm of the company first serving as vice president before becoming president in 2002.



His experience at these firms finally saw him start his own firm, Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence, with one of his friends. The success of his marketing and advertising agency later on saw him merge with Mullen to form Mullen Borghi. Mullen’s presence was already being felt in other markets and to break into the Brazilian advertising space, the merger was timely. The success of this outfit gave rise to the merger with Lowe Advertising Agency to form Mullen Lowe Brasil. At Mullen Lowe, Borghi serves as a Co-CEO with Andre Gomes. His responsibilities at the ad agency include digital and mobile marketing, design planning, performance analytics, public relations and overseeing social media and learn more about Borghi.


Advertising Reputation

Borghi has worked with many multinational and international corporations. He has come up with advertisements for big corporations such as Unilever, Mitsubishi, Hyatt, Mattel, Western Union, Johnson and Johnson, American Express, Honda, JetBlue, Google, Ikea, Royal Caribbean, Ikea, General Motors, among others. Given his success in the advertising space, whenever the name Jose Henrique Borghi is mentioned in a meeting, the corporate in question knows that it is about to get value for money and run a successful advertising campaign.



Borghi has won many awards due to his advertising work such as at the Cannes Film Festival, Clio Awards, New York Film Festival, Abril Awards, among many others. As such, he has successfully built a reputation for himself as one of the greats in the industry and more information click here.

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Lori Senecal’s Contributions to Digital Advertising

Most companies advertise their ads on social media platforms such as Facebook. Facebook has a lot of users accessing their accounts via mobile phones. To correctly advertise on such platforms, a company must determine their key performance indicators. An end to end strategy is also advised for post-sale customer care. For advertisers to reach customers in a better way and maintain a profitable plan, they must follow new trends recommended by Lori Senecal, an agent who specializes in making brands popular.

Advertisers’ use Visual Trends that Create Attention-Grabbing Campaigns. This involves the use of images that transcend cultural and geographical barriers. Companies embrace visual trends to make people participate instead of being on the sidelines. Visit Fast Company for more info.

Aiming for the audience, the heart provokes emotional responses thus breaking through customers’ interest. The use of intense colors stimulates compelling responses. The advertiser should create an experience if the product or service being advertised solves a common problem. Matching brands with realistic images of ordinary people trend helps an ad to increase emotional connection with people.

Another successful trend is eliminating irrelevant and annoying ads; viewers tend to ignore the ads and blocking them. Advertisers should make more interesting ads and less annoying ones. Demonstration of powerful, strong women is another trend that continues to rise in the entertainment and advertising territory. Other trends involve the use humor and being trendy.

Lori Senecal is the CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, an agency that leads in advertising and putting brands in the public eye. She expanded CP&B Company in its multiple international locations. Lori is well known for leading in digital marketing industries. She has developed TAG ideation which is an exclusive marketing unit for young entrepreneurs.

Lori became McCann’s president because of her brilliant ideas. Lori worked as a chairman and CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal Partners where she developed brilliant human resource strategies. Lori received a Quantum Leap Award for innovative leadership and advertising. Lori grew up in Canada and graduated from McGill University. Follow Lori on Twitter

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Traveling Vineyard’s Tips On Wine Tasting Events At Home

When you become a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard, it’s tough to make sales unless you are able to speak to many people and join all the different social events to get going. The truth is that selling is all about being in front of as many people as possible and earning those sales by the numbers.

The key is to have several wine tasting events throughout the month to help you earn those sales and also get the chance to network around. The Traveling Vineyard gives you great advice on approaching the right people and creating a business. Here’s a few more tips to help you setup your very own wine tasting event in your home:

– Create a very open space in your house so that many people can come together in one spot. This could be the front yard, backyard, or the living room. The goal is to create that space.

– It’s best to consider using a few high tables for standing for people to drink around. These are great to have for professional purposes and to create that feel of a party.

– The Traveling Vineyard also suggests inviting good friends and having their friends come over. It could be a small get together.

– Decorations are an important piece for delivering that sense of connection with everybody.

– Have a good amount of wine for people to taste. This is when investing in a decent amount of wine from the Traveling Vineyard can help you out in the future when you are having these events take place.

The truth is that the Traveling Vineyard has reveled that the average seller will earn about $75-$100 from a single night of a wine tasting event, but it really does depend upon your sales skills and how many people attend because the more people the better. Your goal is to improve your skills and learn from your own mistakes. You’ll only get better and better at this.

The Traveling Vineyard is here to help open the door for you to make a great new side income starting today.

A Wealth of Knowledge for Investors

In February, Timothy Armour wrote a commentary on CNBC on Warren Buffet. According to Tim, Warren was wrong about investment strategy. Warren had made a $1 million bet, and he claimed that he could reap better investment returns than a group of managers who managed the hedge fund.

Worthwhile Investment Strategy

Tim said that Warren was correct in his argument on low-cost investment. Warren’s investment strategy had been proofed profitable over the decades. It was imperative for America to save and invest for their retirement. Timothy Armour believed it was the opportune time to challenge the notion that passive index returns were the most convenient paths to a better retirement. The problem with index funds is that they provide no cushion against down market to know more: click here.

Investors’ Ignorance

However, most investors do not know that the investment exposes them to a 100% volatility and losses in case a market downturn occurs. This is a tragedy as the goal of an investor is to do better than others in bad times. The actively managed funds have not done well in the market, although according to Warren, some exceptional individuals invested their money with the best active funds and reaped more benefits.

Strategy Filters

Investors need to know the funds that will perform better. However, the problem is that no crystal clear method can be used to pre-judge. Timothy Armour says that research has proofed two filters that can assist investors in determining the best funds. They incorporate low expenses and high manager ownership.

Background Information About Timothy Armour

Speaking of Timothy Armour, he is the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group. He is also the chair and the director of Capital Group Research and Management Capital. Tim has also served as an equity portfolio manager. Timothy Armour joined Capital group 34 years ago as a participant in the associate’s program. During his early years at the company as an equity investment analyst, he was in charge of global telecommunications and US service companies. This was a great achievement at such an early life. Timothy Armour is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College.

Tony Petrello – Anything is Possible

Nabors Industries – Check It Out

This company was recently rate-limited on for its long-standing and positive reviews; the praises and positive word around this business and its President – Tony Petrello – has risen beyond control, which is a good thing for any business in the long run. Many are jealous. Petrello and his company have been recently featured in numerous business journals and popular websites as well. One may see photos and more through the official Nabors Industries Crunch Base website.


Anthony Petrello has worked for many years to get to where he he stands today. He was privileged to study at Yale and Harvard, at one point, and then to further his career for many years from there. In 1979, he began at a law firm known as Baker & McKenzie. There, his practice dwelled on international arbitrations, general corporate law and taxation services. He then served as a managing partner from 1986 to 1991 there, later joining Nabors’ top ranks in 1991 and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.


Petrello also serves Nabors as a deputy chairman. His focus there lies on further employing strategic planning and directional initiatives that will enable the company to adapt itself to any situation and to prosper in our competitive global environment. You may find more of Petrello’s work in the news as well as in top business journals and more information click here.


Petrillo is joined by the top leadership efforts of William Restrepo, Mark Andrews, Cindy Meisner, Karina Lovato Gillenwater, Kristin Papyrus, Dennis A. Smith, John Sanchez, Sri Valleru, Julia Wright and Steve Williams. A talented Board of Directors also joins him; it includes John Yearwood, Martin J. Whitman, Howard Wolf, Dag Skattum, Michael C. Lynn, John Knotts and James R Crane. Nabors Industries currently runs the world’s most massive land-based drilling operations and is a faithful provider for offshore drilling both in the U.S. and internationally. Nabors Industries offers direct drilling, skilled performance and unique innovation for some of the best oil and gas markets today; it leverages advanced drilling automation capabilities to offer a highly skilled workforce that is always raising the bar for excellence and learn more about Anthony.

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