The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was established in 1929 by Sunset Magazine’s creative director Richard S. Stephens to teach artists with real talent how to become a professional artist as he believed this skill could be taught. Students could be accepted into a real art college disregarding the need for an art portfolio but being taught by other professional artists. Graduates get hired by Apple, EA, Nike, Pixar, Zynga and more. The Academy of Art College strives to keep abreast of innovation band technology trends. The Academy has grown to a population of 18,000 students.

The Academy of Art College offers the following, Acting, Advertising, Animation and Visual Effects, Architecture, Art Education, Art History, Communications and Media Technologies, Fashion, Fine Art, Game Development, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture and Design, Jewelry and Metal Arts, Landscape Architecture, Motion Pictures and Television, Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media. Also offered is Photography, Visual Development, Web Design and New Media, Writing for Film, Television and Digital Media. The Academy of Art also has an undergraduate online program. Here is a list of degrees that can be completed online. The only program has existed since 2002.

This unconventional educational institution offers associate’s degrees, bachelor’s/bachelor’s of fine arts, and masters of fine arts. In New York, the Academy of Art College offers fashion week to teach students about how the fashion industry works. Only 35% of students are online only. In 2016 only 7% of students completed a four year degree with the allotted time. Senior year students are also provided with housing. The Academy of Art is the largest, accredited school of art with faculty artists teaching students how to become professional artists especially with online classes making it easy to maintain a schedule.

Jason Hope Excited About the New Internet of Things Technology

Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur in the field of technology and over the years, has accomplished many milestones in the information technology industry. After he completed his graduation from the University of Arizona and MBA from WP Carey School of Business, he didn’t waste time and dived deep into the world of business. Jason Hope started a mobile communication firm called Jawa, which later on went on to become a parent company for many of the mobile technology companies he acquired. Jason Hopes loves to keep himself updated about what is going on in the world of technology and often writes blogs about what he feels about the future of particular technology and the trends in the world of technology.

In one of the recent blogs on technology, Jason Hope wrote about how the Internet of Things is the new technology that would soon replace the existing smart technologies in use. Jason Hope says that the Internet of Things technology is highly potent and futuristic, and can help improve efficiencies in just about any sector it is implemented. In the aviation industry, many of the companies have already started integrating Internet of Things technology to their airplanes. It is helping the technicians to detect the cause of any damage or problems and rectify it immediately without having to troubleshoot for a long time to know what is causing the problem. The internet of Things technology would also make it much easier to manage traffic and relay the traffic-related information and statistics to the people in real time so that they can make travel plans accordingly. In a way, it would help in encouraging the use of public conveyance and may even collectively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint in the environment.

Jason Hope says that the Internet of Things technology would help the manufacturing sector to improve their processes with the application of advanced technologies. The manual input in any of the processes would be reduced with IoT, and it would help in increasing accuracy as well as efficiency. The output would become much larger than earlier, and thus, it would help the companies to improve their production capacity, performance, and revenue. Jason Hope is also one of the most respected philanthropists in Arizona and regularly donates to the local charities and causes he believes in.

He is also known for his large sums of donations to the SENS Research Foundation, which is known for their research on anti-aging and mortality. Jason Hope says that lives of people can be extended to a much larger extent if a proper and in-depth analysis is done on a cellular level. It is what SENS Research Foundation does, and Jason Hope believes of witnessing a breakthrough shortly.

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Adam Milstein: Life, Career and Philanthropic Practice

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American philanthropist and real-estate investor. Adam is also acknowledged as a successful philanthropist worldwide. To him, helping the less fortunate is necessary for a better world, and he spends most of his time involved in charitable activities. In April 2017, he was recognized as one of the 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders across the globe and more information click here.


Education and Background

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel 1952 to Eva and Hillel Milstein. His family then relocated to KiryatMotzkin where Adam was raised. He enrolled in the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971 and aided in the Yom Kippur War.

In 1974, Adam married Gila Elgrably. After the war, he joined Technion for a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics and graduated in 1978. During his high school education, he worked with his father in the expansion of their real estate business. In 1981, Adam Milstein and his family moved to the United States and learn more about Adam.


Career Path and Philanthropy Work

Life in the United States saw enrolling at the University of Southern California for a Masters of Business Administration. After graduation, Adam joined Hager Pacific Properties a real estate company where he started working as a sales agent for commercial real estate properties. He worked his way up to become a managing partner in the company and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

Together with his wife, Adam Milstein founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF) whose objective is to promote active philanthropy, philanthropic synergy, and life path impact. The organization’s mission is to educate young Jewish people about their Jewish roots identity and provide them with the requisite tools to advocate for their rights and help strengthen the State of Israel through campuses, schools, the neighborhoods, and with friends.

Presently, Adam Milstein works as a managing director of Hager Pacific Properties, in charge of the organization’s finances. He also serves as the Israeli-American board chairman of a non-profit U.S.-based organization that serves over half a million Israeli-Americans and

Bradesco’s Chief Executive Officer Luiz Carlos Trabuco Thinks The Demand For Short-Term Loans Is Growing

Brazil’s economy is the eighth largest in the world. But for the last two years, Brazil’s status in the global market has taken a nosedive. Even though the country is one a member of the BRICS coalition, investors ran for the hills when the worst recession in more than 90 years reared its ugly head. Political instability, inflation, unemployment, and social outrage were the calling cards Brazil put on the global economic table. But it looks like the largest economy in South America is finally on the mend, according to the economists who are studying the Brazilian situation.

Another positive sign, according to Bradesco CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco, is the service and factory sectors of the economy are recovering a faster than expected. Bradesco is the second largest bank in Brazil, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco is only the fourth president and CEO in the bank’s history. During a recent meeting with investors, Mr. Trabuco said Brazil’s full economic recovery is a matter of “when, not if.” Bradesco is experiencing a demand for short-term loans and a demand for working capital from companies that held their ground during the recession. Trabuco also told the investors the demand for payroll and mortgage credit is also growing.

Bradesco is not a government-owned bank like BNDES. BNDES is paying the government $42.5 billion next year, and that is a sign of just how healthy the banking industry is in Brazil. Instead of paying the government, Bradesco is paying investors a special dividend in October, thanks to the bank’s strategic revenue plan, and the acquisition of the Brazilian division of HSBC in 2015. According to Goldman Sachs, Bradesco stock is one of the top picks for hedge fund managers looking for assets that produce a revenue stream. There are several reasons Bradesco is successful. One reason is the executive team tries to stay in touch with Brazilian consumers using the bank’s Personas Program.

The Personas Program analyzes customer spending and savings habits, so the bank can offer their customers individual banking services that help them open businesses and buy houses and cars. Trabuco is a people’s banker, thanks to his philosophy and psychology training. But it’s not just the degrees from the University of Sao Paulo that makes Trabuco stand out in the banking industry. Mr. Trabuco is a loyal Bradesco employee who never left the company after joining the organization as an entry-level employee in 1969. Sixty-six-year-old, Trabuco is a successful seasoned veteran in the industry, and Bradesco’s performance is a testament to his leadership abilities.

Trabuco is not an accountant. He didn’t study finance in school. But what he did do was take Banco Seguros, the insurance division of Bradesco, from a barely profitable sector of the bank to a division that accounts for more than 30 percent of the bank’s total profits in 2008. Even though Trabuco gave up his role as president of Seguros, he still pays attention to what’s happening in that division on a regular basis.

There are reasons Bradesco is one of the darlings of Wall Street. But according to the Board of Directors, and the employees of the bank, Trabuco’s leadership ranks high on that list of reasons. The executive team is able to manage the more than 5,000 local branches and service centers profitably because of the internal systems that are part of the overall strategic growth plan. Mr. Trabuco may be in the fourth quarter of is banking career, but he’s performing like the Tom Brady of the Brazilian banking industry.

Jason Hope’s love of technology is helping others succeed

“Futurist” is a word that Jason Hope uses to describe himself. It’s what he eats and breathes each day. He is a entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. With his passion for technology and the progress of anti-aging drugs, Jason is making his mark in the world for the better.

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona. He is a proud Arizona native and has stayed there (Scottsdale) ever since. Mr. Hope went to Arizona State University where he got his Bachelor of Arts in Finance. He continued on to get his Master of Business Administration from Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business MBA. This led to a lucrative and successful career in the field of technology. He is the Founder of Jason Hope Business Consulting, and also the Founder of JAWA Mobile Technology. He helps mentor high school students and also works to help budding entrepreneurs with grants to jump start their businesses. Jason Hope is currently an entrepreneur at Mobile Technology.

The successful entrepreneur is also passionate about giving back. He has worked on a number of projects, but most famously the SENS Research Foundation. They take a different approach to anti-aging by creating drugs that prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and heart and lung disease. He generously donated $500,000 to SENS to further their research efforts. At the helm of the ship is Dr. Aubrey de Grey, a mentor of Hope’s. He truly believes in their cause and supports them completely. Jason Hope also writes about technology in blogs all over the internet including He hopes to educate people on the technology and how it will impact the future. They call it the internet of things (IoT). His articles are seen as an authority in field and are read by many. He also uses social media technology and thinks it is a great way to market and get yourself out there. He suggests it to everyone. Jason keeps in touch with his contacts as a great way to network and get referrals. A piece of advice for his readers is to utilize social media, SEO techniques, and internet marketing to start and online business. With a little know how and hard work, you too can be an entrepreneur. Plus, websites do not cost a lot of money to get started.

They best $100 dollars he spent recently was of course on something IoT’s. The Under Armour Gemini 2 shoes. They track fitness goals and progress, so he can stay healthy. A great piece of software Jason uses is ASANA. It helps him manage his projects so he stays on task. A great read that he suggests others get is called “The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies“ by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee. It is about how smart devices will manage our daily lives.

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Securus Technologies: Standing At The Top Of The Communications Industry

Securus Technologies is a company that stands tall as one of the leading inmate communications providers in the entire country. The company has been in the business of communication for an extremely extended period of time and thus has a lot of experience in matters of communication services. The company tries its best to offer the inmates nothing short of the very best so that they can earn the most profits. The company is operational in numerous locations throughout the country and also is tied up with certain prisons in Canada. The company also offers inmate monitoring services, which have been used time and again by judiciaries. Since these communication services are provided in prisons, there is a lot of scopes for people to misuse these for criminal activity. To prevent this from happening, Securus Technologies monitors all of the calls that go from inside the prison. All of the conversations as well as the duration and identity of the caller is noted down if it would be needed in the future.


Securus Technologies takes pride in being one of the best in the sector. The company has always tried to stay up to date with the latest technology so that they can always provide the most efficient calling options. Securus Technologies offers services like video calling and also voice calling so that the inmates can have a choice of the medium when talking to their friends and family on the outside. In 2008, Securus Technologies merged with T-Netix, which was one of the other leading prison communications providers in the country. The merging of the two superpowers meant a huge leap for Securus Technologies and cemented their position in the industry as one of the most communications providers. Today, the company is doing extremely well and is still at the top of the industry.


Don’t Sell Your Stock To Raise Money, Borrow The Money

Some small business owners want to sell their equities to raise money for their business. Sometimes bad things happen to a business: weather, downswings in the economy, international events, and even politics can influence what happens to businesses, both large and small. So to keep your business in sound financial shape, you made the tough decision to sell your stocks to provide financial support and a cash position for your business.


Wait! You are aware that you do not have to sell those equities. You an use them as collateral for a loan and learn more about Equities First Holdings.


When you go to your conventional lender or your bank, they will tell that yes, they can loan against equities — provided they are not on the restricted list put out by the government and the board of directors of the bank. They will lend up to 40% of the value of the equities. That’s less than half the value. They will need a business proposal to determine what you will do with the loan proceeds. And their high-interest loan will not be available for funding right away. You will have to wait for that and resume its.


Do not sign those papers!

Go to visit Equities First UK. They will lend against equities. That is what their name says.


They will fund up to 80% of the value of your stocks. They do not have a ‘restricted’ list; they are a private company, and do not have to abide by government lists or stock holder lists. Their interest rate is far below the average. They do not want to see a business proposal. The funds will be your money to spend as you see fit. Their funding is nearly immediate, so there is no waiting weeks for funding and Equities First’s lacrosse camp.


They have higher value, faster funding, lower interest, and they can lend what they see fit. See Equities First UK, first and contact it.

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Brown Modelling Agency: Top Modelling Agency In The South

The world of fashion is an ever growing one with new players being introduced to it every single day. People all over the world come to make it in this billion dollar industry, with even fewer making it big. Casting agencies and directors are the make or break factors in this industry, supplying models to their clients for various modeling activities like print television and runways. Brown Agency is one casing agency that has gained a lot of popularity in the south for being one of the leading agencies that supply southern talent. The agency was founded by Justin Brown, who has an incredible amount of experience working in the fashion industry. Justin Brown has worked in some of the biggest fashion shows in the entire country. He has worked with models and designers in most of the major cities in the United States like LA and New York. He has worked with numerous international names, which is why he knows the industry inside out.

When Justin Brown decided to move to the south and start up his modeling agency there, he was faced with numerous challenges. He did not know how well the agency would be accepted into such a small industry, and whether or not his company would be accepted into the fashion industry there. According to Market Wired, within a short span of the company coming into existence, Justin Brown saw a huge amount of success with the modeling agency as clients coming from within the state of Texas would only approach his agency to supply them with the kind of talent that they are looking for. People living in the south are proud of their heritage and values, and therefore often only prefer talent coming from within the state. They do not go to national agencies that may have models from other parts of the country, which is why Justin Brown’s agency did so well.

Brown Modelling Agency takes pride in supplying some of the best talents in the south. One of the reasons why the agency has been able to stand out is owing to the training that every model who is signed under them receives. The models that are signed with them are the front for the agency out in the fashion world, which is why making a good impression is something that is extremely important. If the model is just starting out in the world of fashion or is someone who has been working in it for quite a while, the agency gives them a certain amount of training so that they can be polished when they are out in public. Because of this, many models from the south want to join Brown Modelling Agency because of the brilliant deal that it has in place.

Traveling Vineyard Wine Consultant

The Traveling Vineyard is ideal for people who love work flexibility, socializing and wine. The traveling vineyard started in 2001 at a low key back yard wine tasting, since then the company has become a nationally recognized in house wine tasting business.

Becoming a Traveling Vineyard wine consultant means you will be able to share your love and knowledge of wine with a room full of people ready to partake in a wine tasting. When you sign up to become a representative you are given a local contact to guide you through the startup process as well as a company website to build your clients with. The first three months on this website are free and then there is a low monthly fee after that. New Traveling Vineyard wine consultants will need to purchase two wine tasting kits so they are ready to start providing tastings. The startup kids come complete with a carry bag for six bottles, wine glasses, a wine bottle opener and decanter.

The average cost of a bottle of Traveling Vineyard wine is $14-$24 which makes this an affordable wine for nearly any budget. Guests will gather for the wine tasting and the consultant will go over basic information on each wines. Guests will then be able to order their favorite wines directly from the consultant or their website. The website is ideal for return customers so they can order and have their wines shipped directly to them. Visit Traveling Vineyard’s Social Media:

Becoming a Traveling Vineyard wine consultant is a great job for stay at home moms or individuals who are looking to add a little income to their household. Wine tastings can be worked around the consultants’ busy life and consultants can do as many or as few tastings as they have time for. The flexible schedule very accommodating. Consultants also get a percentage off of their individual wine bottle purchases. It is no wonder why the Traveling Vineyard is becoming such a popular home based employment option.

Here’s What Makes Rocketship Education Excel

Schools are often subject to guidelines and mandates set forth by their local boards of education. Although such rules are made in good-faith efforts by directors, municipalities often feature schools whose resources, teachers, and students are wildly different from one another.

Rocketship Education’s organization as a network of public charter schools allow them to retain government grants and bestowments, without being subject to local boards’ wide-ranging mandates. This unique aspect facilitates RSED’s eighteen American locations to further children’s educations in a K-5 capacity, personalizing learning plans that consistently result in test scores higher than most other nearby schools, public and private alike.

Weekly feedback and emphasis on plasticity

The best teachers conform to their particular classrooms’ needs, rather than objectively applying their preferred methods of pedagogy. As such, Rocketship Education’s teachers receive weekly feedback from students and parents alike, providing a well-rounded school of recommendations as to facilitate optimal learning environments.

Openness to implementing and rolling back school-wide plans

RSED once tested an educational approach coined as the “flex model,” in which classrooms of students learned from three teachers, collectively led by a school leader. Not every school within Rocketship’s network thrived with the flex model, although a majority of facilities did. As such, the educational institution didn’t end up implementing the flex model, rolling it back, despite success in certain locations. Every successful school most be pliable in respect to educational endeavors like this model, willing to further them, or remove them, depending on what parents, students, and educators prefer.

Emphasizing cohesiveness

Teams help groups of people reach their goals more effectively. As such, students with special needs spend an average of 80 percent of their days at school in their regular classrooms, providing them confidence and a sense of belonging.

Another aspect of teamwork Rocketship Education emphasizes is valuing parents’ and students’ feedback, not exclusively that of administrators. When students go home, they tell their family members of things that happened at school they likely wouldn’t share with peers, instructors, or principals. Families are asked for their feedback on a regular basis, helping teachers be the best they can be.