Wen By Chaz In Article With Bustle.com

When a woman wants to try a hair care product that will give the results she wants, she needs to try the Wen hair care product. With Wen by Chaz, women are finding the results are almost immediate, and they are very good. The Wen by Chaz hair care product makes her hair look shiny, and it allow her to style it easier than ever before.

In Bustle.com, An Online Magazine, Emily McClure Writes About Her Experience Using The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product

Emily McClure tried Chaz Dean’s hair care product, and she wrote an article about how it worked for her. This article was in the magazine, Bustle.com. She said that the product worked very well, and she saw results in a short time. Her hair looks healthier, and she can wear it any way that she wants to now, thanks to the Wen by Chaz hair care product.

Can All Women Use The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product?

Yes, the Wen by Chaz hair care product was made for any type of hair that a woman has. She can use it on oily or dry hair, and it will make it healthier and cleaner. Once she tries it, she will only want to use the Wen by Chaz hair care product instead of any other ones out on the market.

Many women like to purchase more than one bottle of the Wen by Chaz hair care product, and they give them as gifts to other women that they know for holidays and birthdays. It is a gift that women will appreciate because it works so well. They will also tell other women about their experience with the product, so they can get the great results too.



Doe Deere and Her Successful Brand

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. Born in Russia, Deere moved to the United States when she was seventeen years old. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and majored in fashion design. Deere lived in New York for fourteen years where she also played in a band. In an interview with Guest of a Guest, Doe Deere says that’s “how my husband and I actually met, we were in a band together and I think that’s how we learned to collaborate at the very beginning because we are both songwriters and promoting the band was kind of the beginning of it all. And we learned to work really well together”.

Lime Crime got its start in 2004, when Deere set up a shop on EBay for her new DIY fashion line. Four years later, she launched her own cruelty-free makeup brand. Since then, Lime Crime has produced a line of lipsticks, eyeshadows, glitters, and nail polishes are all cruelty-free. In the interview with Guest of a Guest, she talks about how difficult it is to find brightly colored, unusual makeup. “I always gravitated towards bright and unusual colors but back in 2008 they were impossible to find because the makeup industry was still very much into that super natural look. Beige gloss, you know all of that kind of stuff”. Doe Deere is not concerned with ‘looking good’, she cares about creativity and having fun with makeup. To Doe Deere, makeup is a form of self-expression.

When a new product is being developed, Deere tests it out on herself to ensure that it is ready for customers. She cares about how her company looks, and wants only the best products to be sold to customers. When the company was still getting started, experts advised against selling lipsticks online because most customers prefer to try on a lipstick in person, before deciding to buy it. For this reason, Doe Deere started using “on-lip” lipstick swatches. She says “Lime Crime pioneered the “on-lip” lipstick swatch: when you show color not just crushed or swiped on a blank piece of paper, but on the actual lips. Other makeup companies picked up the idea instantaneously, and today it’s an industry standard”.

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Waiakea – Hawaiian Socially Responsible Bottled Water

Perhaps you might be concerned about the impact that bottled water has on the environment. Water is essential for life, we cannot survive without it. On the other hand, tap water is simply too impure and has traveled down many pipes and other canals/avenues which make it unhealthy. According to Gust, Waiakea water is a natural response to all of the concerns that you might have regarding bottled water with innovative sourcing methods.

Imagine that you’re a drop of water for a minute, except you’re no ordinary drop of water. You’re sitting on top of a snow-capped volcano, and you have some minor impurities within you. Although you have a few impurities as a result of being exposed to atmospheric air, your impurities will gradually be flushed out as you travel down 14,000 feet of mountain.

The lava acts as a natural filter which makes it virtually impossible for all of the trapped impurities to make the trip down with you. Those impurities are left behind as you go down, and you instead pick up little minerals as you travel down. Finally, you reach the base of the mountain (the Waiakea spring) where you are ready to be bottled up and turned into fresh, healthy water that can provide the essential minerals that will be consumed.

In case you need to know the benefits of drinking water, they are quite substantial. New You said that if you want to lose weight, you will definitely need to drink more Waiakea water. This is on top of the benefit that drinking more water has of keeping you younger and keeping your skin clearer/healthier in the long run. Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.charmcitybeverage.com/water/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-water

Going back to normal human mindset, water from this mountain is also harvested in a sustainable way that has a better impact on the world. The water is safer to drink than other forms of water due to the intense natural filtration process. Each liter of water is also used to fund 650 liters of water for individuals whom don’t have access to safe drinking water.

If you’re concerned about the process used to make the Waiakea water bottles, you can also rest assured that the process is only using recycled water bottles. Because of the reliance on recycled materials, the process is said to be a net zero emissions process. You’ll be able to peacefully drink your water without any worries on whether or not your water might hurt the environment.

Levenson Leads Suit Against Insurance Company

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC has recently filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire-based insurance company that previously represented them. Although the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group no longer has any control over the Atlanta Hawks franchise, much of this suit is centered around fallout with the previous general manager, Danny Ferry.

The complaint against the insurance company stems from what Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment claims was a breach of contract. More specifically, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment believed that it was covered under an insurance policy that insulates clients from wrongful termination suits. After a settlement was reached between the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group and Danny Ferry, the group expected its costs to be covered. Unfortunately, the New Hampshire-based insurance company did not perform its duties as outlined by the contract and refused to cover the costs.

For his part, Bruce Levenson is the owner of a number of Atlanta-based organizations, including the Atlanta Spirits. Although according to Forbes.com he was once previously the owner of the Atlanta Hawks, he has since moved on to other ventures, leaving Tony Ressler as the current principal owner of the franchise.

Aside from his reputation for excellent business practices, UCG founder Bruce Levenson is also known to many as a philanthropist. In fact, he currently presides over the “I Have a Dream” foundation in Washington. It will be interesting to see how these efforts are bolstered or hampered by the ensuing litigation. Given the basis of Levenson’s claims, and the confidentiality of the amount his group is seeking, it will be very interesting to see how this case evolves over the coming months.

Talk fusion takes Over the #1 spot in communications in the App Store with new app

Talk Fusion is a worldwide provider of video chatting resources. The company has started marketing its mobile app, Video Chat. This application offers a wide range of new chatting resources for businesses to collaborate with each other. It doesn’t matter how far apart they are.



There is open group chats for users to talk and text with each other within the app. Video Chat allows for individuals and other businesses to locate and collaborate with others in your contact list. The new technology available combined with modern styling make this piece of software a very popular program.


Video Chat was declared winner of Communications Solutions Product of the Year for 2016. It has been featured as the number one communications app for several weeks. The application works well with many different devices made by Android and Apple. Everyone will get the same connection quality regardless of which service provider they use. Using this program offers numerous easy ways to stay connected with clients, friends, and co-workers around the world in real time.


Most video chatting applications will require you to pay a sum of money to access all of the the app upgrades and some require you to create an account, but Video Chat does not. All you have to get started is click on the app, add your friends and colleagues, and make a group chat. Both parties can have instant face-to-face conversations. Video Chat does not have advertisements or distractions.


Talk fusion has built the world’s best all-in-one Video Marketing Solution. They created an app that can help people get passed the barriers related to long distance chatting. Nothing on the app store can compare. The company will help businesses keep their audience coming back and beat out any competitors.



Talk Fusion has altered the methods of marketing. Video marketing helps get the message across easier with engaging and entertaining information. All of their products are marketed by independent companies in over 100 different countries. Download the app today to get a 30-day trial on Google Play or the App Store. There is no credit card or other payment methods needed to use the applications.


The Famous Fabletics

Starting any type of business is very hard work. It includes staying focused on the product, image, customer service, pricing, and much more! This can be very overwhelming for new business owners on YouTube, especially if they are already in the spotlight. The beloved actress and celebrity, Kate Hudson, knows this all too well. Kate started her own business and experienced both the pros and cons of being a new business owner, while already being well known for acting. Fabletics, Kate’s three year old business, was influenced very much by her previous work in fashion and acting.

Being famous can help bring a ton of attention to starting a business. Many of Kate Hudson’s fans looked into her new line of athletic wear because they already knew they liked her sense of fashion on mysubscriptionaddiction.com. It is more simple to trust a business owner and their products, if one already has a positive connection to them. In a way Kate advertised her own business by being who she was! Unfortunately, being famous also had a few negative effects.

Read more: A (Non-Sponsored) Fabletics Review

While already being so well known, Kate Hudson already had many people watching her daily life. Starting a business just gave people more to watch, look into, and judge. This made Kate’s career as a new business owner a little more challenging compared to others. The start up of a business is difficult enough without all the scrutiny she was sure to experience. She had to make everything appear perfect to keep away a negative image of her new company, Fabletics.

Kate Hudson did an excellent job of balancing these negative and positive effects of being in the spotlight while building her fashion trade. She made it a goal to make the company as “all inclusive” as possible. This was a positive goal for her fans, the who looked to scrutinize her, and new customers to see. Making her line of athletic wear for women in all stages of health and that have different work out levels gave her company a great image! Kate has also announced that Fabletics will be making extended sizes of their clothing, to include even more women in looking cute while being active. Kate Hudson has turned Fabletics into a positive and successful business that only has room to grow!

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Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory Add a Rung Up the Ladder of Success

Mike Baur had a history as a successful banker who had worked his way up the corporate banking ladder in Zurich, Switzerland. After 20 years in his chosen profession, at a time when other executives buy a boat or a sports car, this 40-year-old decided to reinvent himself. He used his knowledge gained in the banking system to begin the Swiss Startup Factory. It was 2014 when he started his program in Zurich. His idea is to offer to young digital entrepreneurs their own ladder to success by providing capital, training, office and conference space along with the necessary support and secretarial assistance needed for a rising company to take the next step up that ladder to success. Besides offering these business necessities, Baur also offers his own keys to success learned over his 20-year career.

The program Baur offers is a three-month long startup accelerator in which all the physical facilities along with mentoring are combined with a generous start-up funding to get the fledgling business organization to the next level and well on its way to financial success.

The selected startups must be comprised of more than one individual and the tradeoff for this assistance and the financial grant is to give 10 percent of the business to Baur and his organization. Read more about Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory here: Mike Baur – Co-Founder & Managing Partner Swiss Startup Factory


What Mike Baur is doing is not new. Venture capitalists have always had an interest in new ideas connected to new companies and by investing they have made sizeable profits. But Baur’s concept seems to be humanistic in nature and expresses his desire to revolutionize the fintech industry.

As a country and as part of a global economy, we have become entrenched in the service industry side of economics. The manufacturing industry that was the economic strength of the United States of America for over 100 years has moved offshore like your rich uncle’s money. Wage levels and cost of living standards vary widely across the globe. Third world countries can pay line workers to produce products at wages far below poverty standards in the U.S. and Europe. We in the U.S. must realize this and not despair about lost jobs but must create our own niche in a service based economy. The U.S. labor force is not forced to work at fast food restaurants but must train for other service-oriented industries. After all Doctors, lawyers, nurses, and politicians are service workers, too.


Doe Deere is Making a Difference

When Doe Deere first started her makeup business, she knew that she wanted to be different than many of the other companies. She not only wanted to offer different colors and options but she also wanted to show people that they could have a different experience than with other makeup companies.

The first place that Doe Deere started with changing the makeup industry was at the bottom. With Lime Crime, she makes sure that she is giving everyone the chance that they deserve. She always talks to her creators, her distributors and everyone else who is involved with the process with respect. She thinks that it is impossible to get anywhere without giving love and respect. Unlike some of the large corporations, she includes even the distributors’ feelings into the process of making makeup and making sure that it works for everyone who is a part of the business.

While Doe Deere recognizes that customers are important, she also knows that her employees are important. She knows that, without them, she wouldn’t be able to be as successful as what she has been. She shows off her eternal gratefulness to her employees by always showing respect to them. Not only does she say her pleases and thank yous but she also allows her employees to express themselves. This is one of the biggest ways that she is kind to them. She lets them be themselves when no other company would let them act the way that they want and dress to suit their personality.

Doe Deere does this because she knows what it is like to not fit in with a job. She tried several different things and to do many things differently because of the way that she did things. She wants all of her employees to feel like they fit in. Whether they wear button ups, pumps and pleated pants with natural makeup or frilly skirts, socks with heels and lime colored lipstick, employees are able to feel like they are part of a community when they work for Deere and her makeup company, Lime Crime.

There are many ways in which Doe Deere has changed the industry, but perhaps the largest way is in what she offers to all of he customers. She wants them to feel like they are special, like they have options and like they are worthy of high-quality makeup. She knows that her customers will be happy when they are able to do different things with their makeup and their style. Customers deserve to have the best no matter what colors they like to wear on their face and Doe Deere’s company, Lime Crime, is able to give them what they need.

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A Good SEC Whistleblower Lawyer can Shield You With Dodd-Frank

Slowly but surely, the federal government is finally getting it right. There is this massive debate between the Democrats and Republicans over what to do about Wall Street regulation. And while that debate will rage on for decades, the one thing they can agree on is the fact that SEC whistleblowers need more protections and even incentives in order to come forward.

They show their agreement in the historic Dodd Frank act of 2010. The consumer protection legislation has some compromises concerning the regulation of Wall Street and whether or not the law is to be a success is yet to be seen. But there is a piece of the legislation that is critical to the security of our country, specifically our economic security. And that is at the unprecedented protections and incentives given to an SEC whistleblower.

Whistleblowers have long had protection against retaliation from the federal government. But the enforcement of this anti-retaliation left many whistleblowers wanting. The Dodd Frank act finally makes giant strides in anti-retaliation measures that can be significantly enforced with the help of a good SEC whistleblower attorney.

In fact, the anti-retaliation measures are so strong that you may be able to come forward while remaining anonymous. A good SEC whistleblower lawyer can submit evidence on your behalf to keep your identity a secret. This has unbelievable implications on your personal and professional life. You may even be able to keep your job at the same institution. But you may not want to keep that job after you receive an incentive payment for coming forward.

With the help of a good lawyer, you can receive anywhere between 10% and 30% of any fines recuperated by the federal government. And these fines often go up into the multimillion dollar range. In fact, the fine needs to be at least $1 million to qualify for this incentive payout. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/second-largest-sec-whistleblower-award-granted-to-labaton-sucharow-client-300282555.html

Labaton Sucharow was the first law firm to specialize in advocating for SEC whistleblowers. Jordan A Thomas is the head of the whistleblower protection program at the law firm. The former assistant director and litigator at the Division of Enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission knows the Dodd Frank whistleblower provisions by heart because he helped to create them. Him and his staff of professionals can protect a whistleblower like no other. Contact the law firm of Labaton Sucharow to have the whistleblower specialists evaluate your case.

A brand of lip balm built it up from the ground up

The lip balm market for years has remained static and unchanging. The lip balms produced by brands like Chapstick and Blistex were pretty much the same as those made decades before. Few people thought much about their lip balms and bought them out of habit and for the limited relief from dry lips that they provide.

One of the co-founders and the managing partner of the Evolution of Smooth, Sanjiv Mehra, sought to change all that as detailed in a recent article discussed the history of the company that he helped to build and why they were able to achieve success in a market that was already so well established and with powerful competitors.

EOS started off by surveying those who consumed lip balms who happened to be mostly women. After interviewing these women EOS lip balm found out that the consumers were looking for products that were better tasting then the lip balms that were currently in the market which tasted medicinal. To combat these stale flavors, EOS created unique flavors which were odd fruit concoctions which appealed to their target customers; women.

Further, manufacturers were making lip balms that were unisex in design which didn’t really satisfy the desires of women. EOS changed this with an applicator orb that was stylish but still was sanitary, unlike the other jars on the market. The ingredients were al natural and organic and fit into their desires for a healthier lifestyle.

By attacking the market this way, EOS was able to rise to be the second largest player in the lip balm market and to sell a quarter of a billion dollars worth of containers of lip balm a year. EOS has also reached out to other markets within similar lines, but it was their initial success, by listening to their customers that paved the way for the brand. EOS products are available online trough eBay and Ulta. Visit https://evolutionofsmooth.com/, for more details on this amazing brand.