Aaron Becker Discusses State of Bio Tech

Two of the most profitable investments in the world can be commercial real estate and bio technology. While those two industries are very different from one another, one professional has developed a reputation for being a leader investor in both fields. This investor, Aaron Becker, recently shared his insights with the future of investing in both industries.

Aaron Becker was recently interviewed by the online magazine Idea Mensch. Becker spent much of the interview discussing the current state of the bio tech industry. He believes that there is a lot of potential for businesses to grow and expand due to the recent expansion of capital infusion. Becker stated that he is most excited about the status of some companies that have made a lot of strides in curing some diseases, including cancer. Becker further stated that while there is a lot of room for development in the field, there are still challenges due to competition, regulatory changes, and other outside factors that will influence the future of the industry.

While Becker has been an entreprenur for over a decade, he did previously have a long and successful career working for a number of top investment firms. Prior to going out on his own, Becker was the managing member for Madison Capital, an investment banking firm that specialized in providing capital to bio tech firms that are early in the development stages. In this role, he gained a strong appreciation for the potential investment returns that come with investing in bio tech.

Aaron Becker was also the CEO of two small companies, Zinio and NaviSite, each of which grew tremendously under his management. He even was involved when the latter company went from being private to publicly traded. While working in all of these roles, Becker spent some time learning the investment real estate industry and process and eventually purchased his own properties. https://www.linkedin.com/in/arthur-becker-1547a134

The Quincy: The Luxurious Apartments

The Quincy is located on the corner of Neilson and New Street just off Route 18; it is a luxury apartment community that contains in it the most modern housing units that are located in the heart of New Brunswick, New Jersey.



The Gem of New Brunswick



The Quincy is located close to the financial district, the Arts District and it is a suburb with everything. Here, you can have access to the comfort and familiarity of a city and still maintain a home atmosphere.



The houses have the best kitchen units; they are fully equipped with everything that you may want including fully functional basic amenities.



The Apartment Community Features Some Exclusive Additions Like:



  • A center for fitness and training for better health to the residents who live here is just top of the list as it has different state-of-the-art-equipment.
  • With yoga dominating the fitness for women world, you will find a studio here that caters for that.
  • If you are a pet owner who likes to pamper his animals, you can take them to the spa. Yes, they have an animal spa.
  • The fact that people own dogs mostly and the fact that in gated communities they don’t get enough run room is all the more reason they have a dog park here.
  • The Quincy bike share program will ensure that you get a bike easily with no hassle.
  • There is a modern clubroom with great lights, services and drinks and a theater room with top notch entertainment.
  • The rooftops have pools and cabanas.
  • You will also be able to get storage rooms and units plus there is a coffee dispenser.


This is a self-contained neighborhood that has the best of facilities which will amaze and delight you if you want to live here



The Quincy Shooting That Happened on October 7th, 2015 – a resident of the luxury apartments was assailed and shot by someone who then fled the scene leaving him with minor injuries. This happened after a series of crimes that made the area risky to live in.



The Quincy Pizza Robbery That Happened on May 7th, 2013 – A man who assaulted a tried to rob a pizza delivery man was arrested, and he was said to have been a member of some crew hinting that he may have been a leader. The Middlesex County Correction Centre is housing him, and he currently poses no threat to the affluent neighborhood of Quincy.



The Quincy apartment has otherwise flourished and formed a big part of the New Brunswick most developed areas.


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The Kabbalah Centre and the Integration of Astrology

The Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre opened its doors in 1984. The Kabbalah Centre moved to California after being located in New York City for about two decades. Prior to that time in the Big Apple, what would become the Kabbalah Centre had its genesis in a center located in what would become the Jewish State. That organization in the Middle East was established in 1925.

In addition to its primary location in Los Angeles, the Kabbalah Centre maintains over 50 branch locations around the world. This includes major centers in London, Toronto, and New York City.

Beyond the LA Kabbalah Centre, and associated branches, there are study groups located around the world as well. A person is also able to access Kabbalah Centre courses and instruction via the Internet.

The Kabbalah Centre maintains a strong belief in the importance of astrology in its spiritual practices. The Kabbalah Centre maintains that astrology historically has been part of Judaism. As an aside, the Kabbalah Centre has individuals involved in their programming that self-identify as being part of the New Age movement. The Kabbalah Centre maintains Kabbalah studies supplement these practices.

The Kabbalah Centre instructs that astrology has been studied by Jewish scholars, beginning in the Middle Ages. Within the overall Kabbalah tradition, as followed by the LA Kabbalah Centre and its affiliates, there is a firm belief that cosmic forces impact everything. The Kabbalah Centre maintains that understanding these forces is invaluable to any person desiring to study and practice Kabbalah.

Rav Berg is one of the two primary founders of the Kabbalah Centre in the United States, first in New York and then in California. Through his time with the Kabbalah Centre, he has written a variety of books on astrology, texts which form a basis for the center’s instruction on Kabbalah and astrology.

Whitney Wolfe Brings Long Overdue Element To Dating Apps With Bumble

Whitney Wolfe has been quoted as being a feminist. She has also been quoted as someone that wants to “change the landscape” of the dating app. When these types of concept are coupled together – feminism and landscape alteration – it can only mean one thing for the dating app world. Whitney Wolfe put women in the driver’s seat, and she has no regrets about the way that she made the decision to change what was considered the norm in the dating world.

One of the most interesting things that people will notice is that she was very well connected with another company called Tinder. She was actually a co-founder for Tinder, and she has continued to bring some of the same elements that Tinder contained into her own dating app called Bumble. The major difference that Whitney Wolfe put in place was that women are the first one to initiate conversation. This is how the app works. Men are able to send messages, but women have the choice on whether they want to swipe these messages away or respond to someone that they are interested in. Whitney Wolfe had a great plan because it cuts down on the amount of reparative messages that are sent over and over from someone that may not even be of interest.

Whitney Wolfe considers herself an innovative CEO that was on a mission. She started a feminist movement through dating apps, and this app is the first of its kind. Whitney Wolfe is someone that is proving that women have a say in the dating app industry is well. It has been dominated by men for a long time, but she knew from her time with Tinder that she had her own perspective on what she wanted to see with dating apps.

Find more details on LinkedIn and Instagram about Whitney Wolfe.

Omar Boraie’s Family Pledges $1.5 million to Rutgers University’s 18 Chair Challenge

Omar Boraie is a New Brunswick developer whose family pledged $1.5 million to the 18 Chair Challenge of Rutgers University in 2015. According to Patch.com, the money was used to facilitate medicinal research at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. After the pledge had been made, the Omar Boraie Chair was established for the 18 Chair Challenge campaign. The campaign seeks to draw anonymous donors to contribute $1.5 million each. The endowed chairs represent the commitment of a higher learning institution to an academic discipline.

As the medicine and genomic science fields change, medical practitioners are taking different approaches cancer treatment. The new approach entails evaluating and treating tumors based on their genetic composition. This method allows oncologists to offer patients customized therapies for quick and long-term recovery.

Omar Boraie is passionate about cancer research and has background knowledge in chemistry. He is hopeful that the pledge his family made will inspire other donors. Boraie also praised physicians and scientists who work at the Rutgers Cancer Institute for their outstanding advances in the precision medicine field. He pointed out how the precision medicine advances were beneficial to patients with irresponsive cancers. Robert DiPaola, the managing director of Rutgers Cancer Institute, praised Boraie for his support. He also mentioned that Boraie was instrumental in the development of healthcare programs adopted in New Brunswick City.

The New Omar Boraie Chair

Shridar Ganesan, MD, Ph.D. was named to the 18 Chair Challenge. Ganesan is the principal investigator of clinical trials adopted through precision medicine at Rutgers Cancer Institute. Ganesan is also medicine and pharmacology professor at the Rutgers Wood Johnson Medical School. He is celebrated as a prominent leader and researcher. Ganesan was honored after he was appointed to the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. He said that the pledge would foster innovative clinical research and comprehension of cancer biology. He also added that it would give cancer patients and their families hope for life.

About Rutgers Cancer Institute

Rutgers Cancer Institute is one of the first medical research facilities in the U.S. to adopt genomic sequencing in the treatment of cancer. This precision medicine approach is also adopted in other cancer centers across the country. It has been useful in discovering new therapies for patients with rare cancers and poor prognoses. Such advances in precision medicine enable cancer as a disease to be classified into interrelated subcomponents.

This article was originally posted on NewsWise.

To learn more about Boraie Development Corp, visit: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/0601263D:US-boraie-development-llc


Diversant LLC and John Goullet Provides Cutting-Edge IT Staffing Services and Solutions

Diversant Company is a United States-based company that offers solutions in Information Technology. For the company, they always delight in meeting and exceeding the expectations o their clients. For this reason, they have taken advantage of the information technology staffing needs in the country and other parts of the world. The company also offers solutions for most of the Fortune 500 companies based in the United States. For the company, they are always delighted to offer a wide array of services such as IT staffing, design services, contingent, permanent, and the direct hire solutions to companies in need of these services. Diversant has a strong engagement in the minority business management for the veteran programs and enterprises. The company also gives an opportunity to those in search of job possibilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. The company offers jobs including application and mobile technology developers, database management, creative designers, networking administrators, and project managers in the field of Information Technology.

Diversant is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. In the recent past year, the company developed high-end capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For this reason, the business grew as normal. Because of this growth, the company has reflected its capability to meet all technology needs concerning IT staffing and other services. Diversant Company is also a major distributor of the assorted functionality in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. The Fortune 500 companies have developed high-end capabilities in a way that is not paralleled in the industry. In many aspects of development and technology, Diversant Company promotes all aspects of strategic solutions. For this reason, it is one of the most sought companies in the country.

John Goullet is the President of Diversant Company based in the United States. in 2010, Diversant Company merged with his Info Technologies Company to form a common force for good. Diversant Company was the resulting company. During this time, he became the president of the company. He also extended his management services to offer the best solutions in management and solution development to their clients.

Broadcasting Guru and PodcastOne Founder: Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz established PodcastOne in 2012, which is a leader in the production and distribution of on-demand audio in the versatile industry. The idea behind this successful Norman’s venture was revealed to him after meeting Kit Grey, who was at the time representing various podcasts. Together, Norman Pattiz and Kit Grey were able to institute a business venture, which encompasses a full spectrum of brands and personalities, including Larry King, Penn Jillette, Snooki and Shaquille O’Neal. Their podcasts include Freakenomics and Radiolab in addition to more than 200 of the most popular genres.

One of the most latest and substantial additions to Norman and Kit’s podcast lineup is Beyond the Darkness. The addition is designed to leverage Chris Jericho’s network for airing purposes. Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader will host the Beyond the Darkness podcast addition. This particular podcast will primarily focus on the supernatural as well as feature episodes on various disciplines, which will range from demons and angels, monster encounters, aliens to miracles. Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader will conduct speaks with a broad array of researchers as well as those with firsthand experience to entertain and educate the listeners at the same time. The exciting new broadcast is planned to release new additional episodes on Mondays through Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne app and website in addition to iTunes.


Norman Pattiz features an extensive history in the audio and radio business. He has previously founded Westwood One, which distributed and owned a variety of popular and well-known radio shows and stations, including the NBC radio network, NFL, CNN Radio, CBS News as well as both summer and winter Olympic Games. In 2000, Norman Pattiz was appointed by the then President, Clinton, to the United States Broadcasting Board of Governors. Later in 2002, President George Bush reappointed him to the board. The agency is charged with the responsibility of overseeing all dimension of non-military broadcasting services.


Norman Pattiz developed the Americas Arabic language television and radio services, which offers services to all the 22 countries in the Middle East, including one service in Farsi for Iran. Due to his exceptional skill set and works in the radio and audio industry, Mr. Norman Pattiz has been globally recognized. In 2009, Mr. Norman Pattiz was the esteemed recipient of the Giants Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting. In addition, he was also recognized and inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame because of his outstanding career. Aside from his involvements sin PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz serves on the Pacific Council on International Relations as well as the on Council of Foreign Relations. He also chairs the Los Alamos National Security Laboratories and Lawrence Livermore.

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Karl Heideck: Basics of the Litigation Process

Karl Heideck: Basics of the Litigation ProcessIn a free world that is governed by a constitution, people are bound to collide. Whenever a right has been infringed, concerned parties will come out with their grievances which will result in the litigation process. The litigation process is, therefore, a proceeding that is aimed at settling a dispute between two parties that is followed by awarding of an equitable relief for the damages that may have resulted from the dispute. The definition of a litigation varies from one place to another, but one thing remains constant, the aim is to resolve a dispute between warring parties. Several steps describe a litigation such as discovery, settlement conference, trial, arbitrations, facilitations as well as the appeal process.

The first process of any litigation procedure is the discovery process. This is where the plaintiff brings papers to the defendant requesting them to provide some important information about the case. This is then followed by deposition where the two warring parties sit before a court official and pose questions to one another. This is the most frustrating part of the litigation process as some parties refuse to corporate with the aim of dragging the proceeding. The deposition process has taken months and years to complete for some cases. This is then followed by a settlement conference, and if the parties involved don’t agree, it proceeds to trial where the judge decides. Depending on the outcome, parties involved can decide to appeal the ruling.

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Karl Heideck graduated law school with honors
Karl Heideck graduated law school with honors

To become a litigation attorney, one must be a fan of currently affairs, economic proceedings and world history. One must have a degree in law from a recognized university. A degree in law requires three years to complete. This is the path that Karl Heideck has chosen. Karl Heideck has been in practice for over 10 years specializing in compliance practices and risk management. He comes from the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Karl Heideck has a degree in English and Literature from Swarthmore College. To become a litigation attorney, this degree was not enough and proceeded to Temple University Beasley School of Law for a degree in law. Karl Heideck graduated with honors from this institution. Some of the skills that he is famous for include legal research, corporate law and legal writing.

Read Karl Heideck’s personal blog for an inside look at the life of a litigator.

The Goals And Strategies Of End Citizens United

End Citizens United is striving to be a major player in 2016. They are dedicated to financing reform for the campaigns. They have already raised well over $2 million and their goal is to raise $25 million for the cycle. They want a constitutional amendment passed that will reverse the decision the Supreme Court made in 2010. This decision on LinkedIn allowed the super PAC’s to rise and was responsible for massive amounts of dark money being released into politics.

The petition being circulated by End Citizens United demanding this legislation be passed has already received 325,000 signatures. They are reaching out to more than four million liberal supporters. They are also lending their support to eleven Democratic candidates. They are different than the other PAC’s because they are trying to change laws already in existence. They are working to accomplish on endcitizensunited.org this with the backing of candidates who favor reforms in finance with direct mailers, ads on television and polling.

End Citizens United is also hoping to affect financial reforms on the state and local levels. They want a constitutional amendment passed that will overturn the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010. This will require the consent of two thirds of both the House and the Senate. This would also need to be ratified by three quarters of all the states.

End Citizens United believes their access to $25 million means they can purchase enough ads to make quite an impact on the House race. Although a lot of Republicans agree that political spending is way out of control End Citizens United is backing the Democrats. Their website claims the Republicans in leadership roles in Congress are the ones who are blocking the overturning of the Supreme Courts decision. They want these actions stopped so they have decided to support the candidates they believe sincerely want to see financial reform in the campaigns.

End Citizens United states they have already received donations from 136,000 individuals with the average donation on endcitizensunited.org being at $14.86. They are located in D.C. and have only five members on their staff. This includes their senior advisors. Reed Adamson worked for Representative Brad Schneider in Illinois and helped bring him a victory in 2012. Valerie Martin worked with Senator Claire McCaskill in 2006 on her campaign in Missouri.

Fabletics and Amazon

More commerce is moving online than ever before. There are a lot of small companies out there trying to take away market share from Amazon. Over the years, Amazon has grown to be one of the largest companies in the world. They are consistently taking away market share from traditional retail stores. It is simply more convenient to shop online than it is in person. Not only that, but it is also much easier to price compare when you are shopping online. Over time, this is something that a lot of people are excited about. Fabletics is a company that is taking on Amazon in the apparel space. They have a track record of success, and they have the backing of Kate Hudson as well.




There are a lot of great companies in the online space today. Fabletics is a company that is built on helping other people get to the next level with their athletic apparel. Not only that, but this is a company that is constantly trying to better their business by investing in technology for their products. Many people today are excited about the changes that are taking place in the business. Fabletics has started off strong, and one of the biggest reasons is their customer service. They believe that they have a great opportunity to take things to the next level with their business. Over time, the product differentiation will help them gain share points versus Amazon.


Financing the Business


Fabletics is also in a great position to succeed because they do not have a lot of debt on the business. When many companies get started, they have to take out a huge business loan that eats away cash flow for many years. Instead of doing this, Fabletics has decided to start out by getting equity from outside investors. Although this makes them report to the shareholder’s, it is a great way to preserve the cash flow that is coming in. Over time, Fabletics is the type of company that can take things to the next level quickly in order to succeed.


Future Plans


In the coming years, Fabletics wants to change their business model in order to invest more money for the future. Not only that, but this is a company that is trying to change the face of online retail in the apparel space. Many people love shopping online, and this is a trend that will only continue in the future. As other retailers throughout the market continue to adapt, Fabletics will need to innovate in order to keep their competitive advantage strong. As of right now, they are one of the most innovative companies in this entire space. This is a trend that they want to keep going, and they are investing a lot of time and money to get there. Fabletics is a great company, and the founders have done a wonderful job of reaching their goals in a variety of areas with them.